• Think Beyond A
    Regular Salary Process Management

    Get salaries out in just minutes instead of days ! Solve the mystery, rid the misery.
    Define highly customizable salary structure specific to your industry standards, specifications, or requirements and employee category.
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  • Next Generation
    Time & Attendance Interface

    Less worries on your mind ! Designed for today's workforce.
    Effectively process employee time , attendance & automatically calculating total worked hours including working days, PF and unpaid leaves.
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  • Engage Your Employees
    Not Spreadsheets

    Say goodbye to rework, confusion, data duplication and inconsistencies !
    Core HR - Where Everything Begins. Track all employee life-cycle activities, simplify HR work and get deep insights with zero effort.
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    Empower People. Unleash Possibilities.

    Providing flexibility, mobility & scalability to simplify your day-to-day hr and payroll processes
    with end-to-end solution is Your SHIFTHRM. A stress-free solution that is accurate, fully baked and very secure.

    Shift Layout

    Record Real Check-in/Check-out Time

    Effectively manage your company 's time attendance data virtually anywhere, dramatically required to process employee time & attendance.

    • Shift Icon Employees can regularize their attendance on a daily basis based
      on real-time check-in/check-out data.
    • Shift Icon The manager can review the regularization request in real time. Know
      who is absent today, from the calendar on your SHIFTHRM dashboard.

    Insightful Reports. 100% Global Visibility.

    Explore our comprehensive solutions for all business processes across all industries to find the
    solutions you need to run your business better, faster, and simpler enterprise-wide.

    Shift 100% Global Visibility

    Easy to implement and light on the pocket. Best cloud based SHIFTHRM software for all business.
    Whether it's larger workforces, multiple locations, mission-critical services, or compliance requirements,
    SHIFTHRM removes this complexity through automation.

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    Improve Decision Making. More Transparency.

    We provide a unique solution compatible to global standards which can handle complex
    salary structures in accordance with the working hours of the employees.

    Shift Access Details Instantly

    Access Details Instantly

    That's where SHIFTHRM comes in. With your data stored, accessible database, enter, update, and check records in an instant, & you'll never have to second-guess your accuracy again.

    Shift Approval Workflow

    Approval Workflow

    Utilizing a proper approval workflow significantly increases transparency of approval processes. Employee are given access to a portal where they can submit requests & track approval status.

    Shift Approval Workflow

    Employee Motivation

    Short term rewards helps to build motivated workforce in an company. Getting rewarded increases employee loyalty towards the company and generates greater success.

    All-in-One. Your SHIFTHRM.

    Multiple solution power packed into one single system.
    With one integrated solution and pre-built templates you can have most advanced reports.

    Shift Approval Workflow